In 2012 the founder Danny Hempel along with the local Balinese family, started designing two houses and developing a large garden in the North of Bali in a village called Banjar.

He has chosen to work closely with this family and the villagers to give and to ensure a healthy future for the people, local economy and the beautiful environment. As such we hope to encourage the local youth not to migrate to south Bali in search of jobs. We develop their environment in such a way, that they are not forced to seek jobs elsewhere.

By creating the foundation “Indo Rumah Zengarden” together with this family we chose to invest for the long term. The foundation supports and help them in education, development and self-reliance and will in particular support the lower layer of the population. Through ecological entrepreneurship we give our share back to the environment and introduce this ecological concept to the local people and our guests.

“Indo Rumah Zengarden” is meant for people who are looking for the authentic Bali and want to experience what it is like to celebrate holiday in peace and comfort while in the finest part off Bali. We combine tranquility, luxury, relaxation and discovery in two beautiful luxury villas and a wonderful environment to ensure an overwhelming experience.