“Indo Rumah Zengarden” is located in an environment that needs to be discovered! Our guide will take you on one of the many walks that are possible and will amaze you by the natural beauty and will ensure that all your senses are stimulated.

Beside the more known landmarks such as the “Buddhist temple” and “the hot springs”, there are other places that are worth visiting beautiful blue rivers and streams run through the green rice fields there are beautiful views of the Indian ocean and the high mountains with light and dark green forests.

Lovina is located 10min from “Indo Rumah Zengarden” and offers nice restaurants and cozy cafes.

Brahama Vihara Arama “Buddhist Temple”

Brahama Vihara Arama is only a 5 minute walk away from Indo Rumah Zengarden and is also well-known as “Banjar Buddhist Temple”. It is one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Bali. This gorgeous temple is situated on a hill with peaceful, almost serene surroundings. All visitors are welcome to meditate here. When you enter the temple you need to wear long trousers or a sarong to cover up your legs ​(Sarong is preferred​). It is free to enter the Buddhist temple although small donations are more than welcome​.

Air Panas ‘ Banjar Hot spring’

There are many Hot Springs in Bali. The Banjar hot springs are located only a 5 minute drive away from Indo Rumah Zengarden, but you can also go by foot with one of our guides. This is a beautiful jungle walk and will take approximately 30 to 60 minutes to complete.It may seem long, but think of the rewarding feeling you will have when you arrive at your destination.

The Banjar Hot Springs are also well known as Air Panas. The water runs from little stone fountains into a ‘pond’. These sources in the hills of Banjar are surrounded by luxurious tropical gardens. The water has a temperature of around 38 degrees Celsius and is mildly sulphurous. It is considered holy by the Balinese people.

There are many stands where you can buy all sorts of items like clothing and sarongs. There is a restaurant selling ice cream and refreshments and a possibility to have a massage.


Arrive there as early as possible (08.00am – 10.00am) when it is generally the quietest time of day.

Dolphin watching

Another popular activity is dolphin watching at Lovina Beach, which is what the beach is famous for. No guarantees can be made that the dolphins will show up, but there is a good chance they will. In the early morning the dolphins swim up to the coast to hunt for small fish. The best way to get a glimpse of these magnificent animals is to take a boat trip before sunrise. There are several fishing boats and traditional Jukungs converted for this purpose. Another bonus is that you will get to enjoy a beautiful sunrise.


The Gitgit waterfall is by far the best known waterfall in Bali. The water falls straight down from a 40 meter height. The waterfall is active throughout the entire year, but is at its most impressive phase during the raining season. ​ Directly under the waterfall is a small but deep “lake” and from there the water flows away quickly through the rocks. Close to the waterfall is a bridge over the river and from there you have the perfect view of the waterfall to take some great pictures. The fine mist will make you wet and will refresh you.

There are also the Sekumpul waterfalls, also known as the “secret waterfalls” or the “six waterfalls”. After walking a few miles through fabulous virgun rainforests with mountain views, you will find this unforgettable place. You can take a refreshing dive in the naturally formed basin at the bottom of the fall. It is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in Bali and has yet to be discovered by tourists. The Sekumpul waterfall is situated in Singaraja. It is quite a hike but it is definitely worth it.

Snorkelling / diving at Menjangan Island

Snorkelling is one of the many activities you can do during your stay with us. There are a few different snorkelling locations close to our Resort (Lovina and Pemuturan) but one of the most famous locations has to be Menjangan Island. This is a small island located North West of Bali and is inhabited by deer only.

Cooking with Komang

Because of the tropical climate and fertile volcanic soil in Bali, there is plenty of delicious fruits, fresh vegetables and a variety of rice. Many things are being cultivated on the island, from coffee to cloves, ginger to wheat and grapes to mango (our personal favourite!). Spicy peppers and aromatic herbs give a range of different tastes to meat, fish and vegetables. If you have a passion for cooking you can go to the local market with Komang to buy ingredients for your favourite Balinese dish. She will show you how to prepare a meal and teach you everything you need to know about Balinese cooking.


Our guests can book a private yoga class with our Dutch instructor who practices hatha and yin yoga. She will come up to your villa for a personal class.


Our guests can request a masseuse to come up to the villa to enjoy a relaxing massage in the privacy of your own villa.