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“Indo Rumah Zengarden” is an ecological based company that supports the local population in education, and self-development.

Solar power provide electricity and water for the gardening come from collected rainwater here by we try to contribute to this vulnerable world.

To create a healthy balance between local development and doing business we are convinced that renting the two villas can give us healthy growth and will be the base to serve and help more people. Although the Foundation tries to be self-reliant we can use any donations that will directly support our social projects.



We started a coo partnership with 2 local families, we rent their land and together we maintain the environment. We have built 2 villas on their land with the philosophy to keep the nature just as it is. So we didn’t cut the trees but we build around them. We provide for the guests and they will fully take care of them. With the profit from the villas we try to do some social projects.

We collect rainwater in big containers so we can use the rainwater for the maintenance of our garden

We provide electricity true Solar Power

We have paid for 3 university studies for 3 young adults from the village. 1 of them followed the study ICT and 2 of them tourism

We have built a small community center, in here we provide every Sunday free English lessons for 43 children. During the week the children can come by to use our computers, via this way we try to learn them how the internet works, like Hotmail, Skype and word. Also the children participate in our ‘Go Green project’. Every week we clean a part in the village. With our bags we collect all the plastic and garbage we find. We take this to Indo Rumah Zengarden and from there we will make sure it reach the dump.

We are helping the lower population in the creation of micro-enterprises, such as starting their own food corner, providing a fisherman his boat or so they could start their one-man tour agency.

We have provided the money for a major brain surgery, tumor removal and after care.

We renovated a few houses in the village and provided 2 kitchens to significantly improve the living conditions

We work closely together with www.doenersdreefzorg.com and www.balipower.nl. Along with these organizations were giving lessons such as Basic English, value about money, ICT, self-development and permaculture

By developing this land and building and renting the villas we created jobs for a number of local people, all from the same village. Some of the people who are working with us didn’t have good chances on the labor market, because they were poor, blind on one eye or not mobile enough.


This year the focus will be about how to take care of our environment. How can we improve this? And what will our actions mean for the environment?

We rented land close to our Zengarden from local farmers and we are going to maintain this land so we can start to grown our own vegetables, fruits and spice without pesticides. All these ingredients we can use for the dinner of our guest and share it with the community. On this way we can give a small contribution to the local people.

We are going to work together with the company Naturalis. Together with them we will look for land and here we want to grow various kind of spices, all without pesticides. Now most of the farmers often only grow rice, cloves or peanuts. On this way the farmers will increase the range of selling products and Naturalis will sell the spices to several international customers

We try to build environmental and cultural awareness. We noticed that this takes a lot of time because the local people don’t understand yet what it means if you burn daily plastic or threw your garbage in your backyard. At this moment we are in conversation with the head of the village to create more awareness about this subject. We provided the entire village already from garbage bins.

We are starting to build the 3th villa. Also with this villa we will keep the nature intact. For this project we only use workers from the village.

We are going to organize kids’ camps. The children will experience various heart-pounding adventure activities like River and Jungle treks, water play, forest play, a walk to the creek, visiting the ocean, seeing waterfalls, village farming, go green project, a daily story, a nature craft and games playing. It will give the children the opportunity to be in the lap of nature, be themselves and rejuvenate their senses. Sit by the bonfire in the evening, singing or just listening to the river flowing close by.

We started to organize retreats with yoga and mindfulness

Our long term goal is to build small user friendly accommodations for the elderly with good daily support. Building an indoor futsal hall so that talented young people can participate in the Balinese indoor soccer league. Finding or building a good accommodation for children/young people and older people with disabilities.